Amor Vincit Omnia

Every King needs a queen

As ancient Rome was built on Gold and greatness, we care about delivering the best replicas in the market, we use high-class material to last, we dream of a world of equality where every man and woman can wear and be queens of their own Kingdom.
We are a collective of entrepreneurs that believe in beauty, we don’t care about race, color or background, we believe in express yourself and make the best of all and what a better place is to be that feeling good and have the attention of a 1000 men, we at Replika believe in love. Our motto is ”AMOR VINCIT OMNIA”, it means ”LOVE CONQUERS ALL”. We believe in you and your inner and outer beauty, our job is to enhance your looks with our collection making you stand out and feel loved.


Founded upon the vision of providing high-quality fashion accessories at amazing prices, as a corporation we paid the rights to use the image as brands designed to generate our replicas at a lower price.

We don’t promote fake prizes or download prices. We are official replicas to look great and take care of your gifts and your wallet.

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Season Sale

A queen deserved more than one jewel, a empire is build by power and riches, be aware for our special season pieces and discounts. You deserve it all.

Free Shipping

We want you to shine, we care about your event and your time to embrace beauty using our collection.
That is why all items are free shipping. You are our ruler or Empress, or goodness of beauty, you order and we will deliver it.

Money Back

As Cleopatra seduced Julius Caesar,
We trust you and we want your happiness, if you don’t like your product we will make you an in-home credit refund until you are 100% satisfied.